Welcome to ICSN social network
Who we are? ICSN LLC is a Delaware / USA registered international company.
The physical address is: Suite 789, 1220 N. Market Street, Wilmington Delaware 19801 USA.
We are a globally oriented company and so is our presence. Our core business is the expansion of specific, social networks, which are individually tailored to our customers and their needs. The same goes for all our other services, such as web design, webhosting, online shops, print and graphic design. In addition, we offer customized solutions for online video conferencing and webinars.

Why do we do what we do?
To create something, many of which benefit, to be accepted with the readiness and to give. To work with responsibility, satisfaction, success and pleasure. People, visions, goals, individuality, discipline, dynamism, adaptation, continuing education and willingness to change. These are the areas that inspire and accompany us every day, together with you, to our work. Quality is our tool, your satisfaction our success.

My or our common history
At school, we have been writing, reading, calculating and learning a lot of other things. They were given the opportunity to study and study a certain profession and then enter the workplace as an employee or self-employed person. All this is fine and good, but each person has his own successes, dreams and visions, his own religion, experiences that directly and indirectly affect his behavior and his deeds. In contrast, however, we are often confronted with fears, restrictive beliefs and failures. Many of us do not know how to deal with this, do without expert help and fall into a state of doing nothing. Your personal wishes, dreams and goals have a highly personal value. From my own experience, I know that it is often difficult in everyday life to continue to work on these wishes, dreams and goals. But do not let your dreams and goals excuse you. We have forgotten how to communicate with other people, to communicate with similar goals and ideas, to help each other with our knowledge and abilities. No company will continue to evolve in the long term and will continue to exist only on the basis of its employees and own products. It is the customer who constantly challenges us to develop our company, our employees and products.

Why is ICSN LLC based in Delaware?
A company founding in Delaware has a lot of advantages, including financial advantages, for the owner of a company. These benefits are passed on to our customers and can, for example, offer the final prices of our products up to 45% lower than our EU-based competitors. Nevertheless, we still have to calculate and have nothing to give.

Our motto is: One day has 24 hours and every hour has its value, so there is also nothing for free.